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Welcome to Springfield.

This is a Springfield turned up to 11! Imagine if the prosperity of the 50s and 60s never stopped. Imagine if Springfield was still one of the most prosperous cities in the nation.

The industrial park off of 70 is full of high tech manufacturing and massive distribution facilities. Downtown is full of sky scrapers and high end shops. Navistar and Crowe-Collier are the two largest employers in town, following closely by Assurant.

Wittenburg is an Ivy League college, while the Springfield Art Museum boasts some of the rarest and most prestigious artifacts from across the world.

With bright light comes dark shadows. The Mafia has a tight hold on the low end drug trade, while the Yakuza and Triads deal in high end designer cocktails. Gangs are rampant in the south end between Selma and Leffles Lane.

Home Page

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